About MCD

Madison Community Discourse is a community development nonprofit based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Founded in 2012, MCD connects community through art and experience. Each year we study a theme and connect community through the hands on workshops, creative placemaking events, interviews, and exhibition that we offer.

This year we study happiness. We will interview 200 people across Madison of every age, race, gender, background, and orientation. We transcribe these interviews and post them to build a “portrait” of what happiness is in our community.

We will also host one hands on workshop and one discussion group a month. There will be secret missions, public art, and community art featured within each of these.

We will end the study in October 2017 with an interactive installation art exhibit that features the work of 30 Wisconsin artists. These pieces will include video projections, interactive installation art, and participatory art, whereby viewers become participants in the project as they are invited to play, write, draw and engage in many materials. The work is not complete without them.

Read more about our Mission here.  

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We are proud to be fiscally sponsored by Arts Wisconsin.


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