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“One of the happiest moments of my life would be when I was on my way to England, it had been a year since I had been in England, and I came back, and I thought I would be coming to an empty airport and that I’d have to sleep in the airport because my hostel wasn’t going to be open, and I would have a very lonely experience coming in.  And I show up at the airport and one of my friends who I had met the year before was there with open arms, and a dozen roses, and a big smile on her face and was so happy to see me.  Her and her boyfriend took me home, and they let me sleep on her couch.  It was one of the greatest feelings ever to have someone who cares for you and is waiting for you, and you didn’t expect that, especially in a foreign country.

I also think about another airport experience when I was leaving the year before, it was an early morning flight so I had to take a bus to the airport the night before and again it meant sleeping in an airport, and all of my coworkers got on a bus with me, and stayed with me all night until I had to go.  Again, it was people who I had just befriended in a different country showing this support and love, and it was an amazing feeling.”


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