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“Two happy moments came to mind right away, one was when I was alone, and one was in a group.

I had just gotten a divorce and quit my career job, and was traveling on a road trip through the Pacific Northwest.  The first happy moment that comes to mind was in the midst of a conference, with a group of like-minded people.  The conference was called the World Domination Summit, and I was sitting there realizing that these people were the tribe that I didn’t know existed.  It was one of the first moments that I had where I thought that there are people like me.  And there is good in the world.  There are people who want to make good happen in the world, and I am a part of a movement.

The happy moment was realizing that are other people who want to change the world through happiness, compassion, and love. There are a lot of people that want to do it in the same way.  And it felt inclusive.”

She pauses.

“I’m gonna give you two, if that’s okay.” April adds.

“Yes, of course!”

“I think on my own, the happiest moments have all been very similar, but one that I can think of was just sitting in nature, and feeling the same exact feeling that I had at the conference, but instead it was coming from people, it was coming from the universe.  I had felt so alone, and at that moment I didn’t feel alone.  I just knew that I am here on this Earth to do things, and there was a fullness in that moment.  I was able to soak in the beauty of that moment in time.

So both of these moments were very much the same, and I’ve had similar instances since then, but that summer in 2013, was the summer that I realized that okay, I’m not crazy for quitting my job, and having my marriage end in divorce, and moving on with my life, I can do this because there is a purpose for all of this.  So happiness to me is feeling comfort with my humanity and who I am.  My purpose may feel insignificant at times, but it’s very important and significant.”

Madison Community Discourse is a community arts nonprofit in Madison, WI.  We are studying happiness throughout the community to connect our city through experience. We do this through interviews, events, and creative placemaking explorations.

To connect people through experience, we are interviewing 200 people all over Madison to create a ‘portrait’ of happiness.  If you are interested in being interviewed, please email hello@madisoncommunitydiscourse.com

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