Art Events

Our events that focus on happiness are designed for the community to engage in hands on activities together.  Intentionally hosted all over the community, we host hands-on workshops in an effort to strengthen the city through art.



Random Acts of Kindness Interactive Art Workshop 

Saturday, February 18

Hawthorne Library


In this drop-in event, artists from across Wisconsin will be joining us for an interactive art workshop. For this unique event, each artist will be setting up a station for participants to create art or pieces for random acts of kindness.

Featuring artists: Jennifer Bastian, Anja ‘La Prosette’ Notanja Sieger, Danika Brubaker, Katrina Lord, and Mallory Shotwell.

See the full description and register here.


 Happy to Be Here: An Interactive Art Workshop 

In this participatory art practice, we are building dropboxs and starting our city-wide postcard interactive art project.

Participants will be working with artists and local organizations to create a series of dropboxes that will be taken back to their store//community center/business. These dropboxes will stay at that place for three months, allowing people of all ages and backgrounds to write or draw on a postcard to encourage a practice of mindfulness and happiness. This postcard will be all white, with the words ‘Happy to be Here’ on the bottom.

We are asking people to write or draw on these postcards why they are happy to be ‘here.’ Here could be the store, the Bubbler, the city of Madison, or the state of mind. This is a practice of mindfulness that will work in part with many creative placemaking workshops that will be happening across Madison as well.

Postcards will be collected at the end of May and turned into a book that will be available at the exhibition on happiness in the fall.

See our official video for our City-Wide Pay it Forward Coffee Chain.  Thanks to Grant Brooks of Momentum Medium for documenting it!