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“There are so many happy moments in my life.  What I think about is that it’s not so much one moment of happiness, time, or place, or memory, but it’s a particular person that has influenced me.

As I went through the catalog of happy moments in my mind, I started thinking happy times, happy times, happy times, and I can’t put one thing before the other, but one thing I did notice in the majority of those memories was my Grandfather.  And I thought that was interesting.  So I couldn’t put on particular time… was it the Christmas’ growing up, was it Thanksgivings, was it spending countless summer days on sandbars in the Mississippi…”

He pauses.

“What was he like?” I ask.

“The funniest person.  The funniest person I’ve ever known. Cared enormously for his family, I would say to a fault.  Didn’t really agree with him politically, but that’s okay.  He was just…. always there. Especially for me.  Being his only grandson.  He would say that I was his favorite grandson, you know, as a joke, his only grandson.

He was someone that I could always talk to, and despite our differences in lifestyles, he was a very traditional, conservative businessman, but he was always encouraging me to go into business, get a degree, you need to be successful.  He and I measured success very differently.

But he was always there.  There’s a certain security that gave me space to be happy.  I’ve done a lot of dumb shit in my life, and I’ve gained a lot of wisdom, but despite all of my dumbness, my grandfather was always there.  I could fuck everything up and he’d be like, alright. Whether it be a conversation or helping me fix my car, pick me up, I mean I can attribute just about everything I have in my life today that I’m thankful for to him.  To my Grandfather.

“So there’s not one happy time in my life, persay, because there have been innumerable…but my Grandfather is the reason for my happiness.”



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