Discourse on Love Exhibition

Discourse on Love Exhibition 

Friday, June 6, 2014 to Saturday, June 31, 2014

Opening Reception Friday, June 6 5pm-9pm

A Discourse on Love is an artistic and philosophical discourse on love in Madison, Wisconsin. The mission of the project is to connect community through collective experiences of love and explore the wide spectrum and many expressions that are within it.

A Discourse on Love is a three part project : 100 interviews, monthly community arts workshops, and the finale of the project will be an exhibition featuring over 45 artists each creating new pieces that explore love of all kinds.

The interviews are the foundation of the project – where community arts facilitator Mallory Shotwell interviewed people in the city of Madison. Flyering all over, visiting a hospice, schools, many coffee shops around, and many more locations, she was able to gather wisdom from all backgrounds and ages. Asking philosophical questions on love, it created a discourse where it allowed the participant to explore their own answer.

The community arts workshops invited participants to create either art or an experience together. Inspired by PostSecret, there were dropboxes placed around town, collecting love letters that were written, but not given. This idea was well-received, as there was an outpouring of letters of all kinds. There has also been a storytelling night, Valentine’s Day card making, a day exploring the gifts of love, and a variety show with comedy and music.

The opening reception will be an immersive experience that encourages the community to connect and engage with love: its expressions, and its spectrum of experiences. There will be many interactive elements available, including a robot that writes love letters, a listening booth, materials from the many community arts workshops, tables with typewriters and cards from local card-makers to write to loved ones. There will also be events throughout the evening of the reception: performance artists, music, a tarot card reader, and much more. The art will be displayed throughout the month of June.

Presenting Artists From:

Holly Meyers, Rebecca Lemke, Joe Kerman, David Williams, Jenni Leaver, Jody Chandler, Nina Golemi, Christine Onga Kubisiak Dehlinger, Emma Dehlinger,Valerie Draves, Char Charlotte Jane DeVos, Ruth Collier Manning, robin e lee, Elizabeth Oner, Bobbi Sorensen, Joel Starkey, Philippa Bergmann, Silas Ritchie, Jentri Colello