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“I would have to say I’ve had a lot of happy moments, which is a really beautiful blessing. Probably one of my happiest moments was when my daughter decided to move here, she decided to move here under really hard circumstances.  She had lived in Missouri her whole life and I had lived here a couple of years already.  My son also lives in Missouri part time.  So it was a really hard decision for her, but one of my happiest moments was knowing that she had this inner strength, but also feeling that as a parent that I had to have that inner strength to give to her, and to guide her through that.  In that we also helped her brother, guiding him through that inner strength.

So I think that maybe one of my happiest moment was feeling like I had done something really good and strong for my children, and seeing her be strong. I am hoping that also rubs off on him.  So I guess for me, seeing my children be strong is happiness.  Feeling that strength and finding gifts in hardships.  Finding things that mean something when things are really hard.  Looking at the lessons that we have learned and knowing that nothing lasts forever.  Loneliness doesn’t last forever, sadness doesn’t last forever, hardships don’t last forever.  I think that happiness can also be fleeting, but it’s always there, it can be deflected for a moment.

So I think that was my happiest moment was having her come to live here and knowing that she trusted me enough to help her with her own situation and her own happiness, seeing her turn around and help her brother through and the people around her has been the most beautiful gift probably ever.

Happiness can be fleeting, it’s important to not hold on to it so tight, it will come back.  The ins and outs, ups and downs, and riding those downs through, looking around and appreciating it.  Even the winter days that are long and cold, I mean we have these lakes and it’s so beautiful. We lived in Missouri and we were never able to walk on a frozen lake.  So finding the beauty in life, even in the coldest of days.

I think that was my happiest moment was empowering her to be strong. And I thought ‘Oh my God, I might have had something to do with that.’

I want her to inspire herself, because she’s out in this world.  She’s twenty now, so she’s a woman. That’s my job, that’s all of our jobs as mentors and teachers or as friends to make sure the people around us are happy and healthy and surviving and knowing that they’re not alone no matter what hardship there is.  We celebrate the goodness and celebrating the hardships, saying ‘wow, you made it through that, look at you, you’re amazing.’


Madison Community Discourse is a community arts nonprofit in Madison, WI.  We are studying happiness to connect our city through experience. We are interviewing 200 people all over Madison to create a ‘portrait’ of happiness.  If you are interested in being interviewed, please email madisoncommunitydiscourse [at] gmail.com.

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