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Justin Bitner Art

“My favorite happy moment is after my Grandma passed away, which is strange to say.  She was the coolest Grandma there was, she was so cool, and she taught me to play cards.  She taught me how to play cribbage, play piano, read music, she taught me how to cook, everything.  So that’s what I remember of her, just playing cribbage all the time.

After she passed away, everyone was divvying up her stuff, and I got a couple things – a buffet of hers, this really cool vase, but the thing I wanted was the cribbage board.  It turned out that they were able to find it, and I was able to get it.  And I still use it to this day, and it still has the little Battleship pegs.  It has the real pegs, but when we played we had to use the Battleship pegs, so we didn’t lose the real pegs.

I realized that I needed to find a deck of cards for the game, so I went to a thrift shop to get some, and I ran across this one deck.

My Grandma and I played with this one deck with cardinals on it, and I looked at this one that looked like ours.  I looked through it and knew that if it had this certain joker that it was it. I looked through, found the joker, and knew it was the exact same deck of cards that my Grandma and I used to play with.  So it was nice, one of those weird things where everything came together.

That was one of the happiest memories of my life.”


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