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“I try not to pin happiness to one moment. I kind of knew what you were going to ask… there have been several happy moment in my life, but recently I’ve been focusing on being happy everyday.  So what does that look like?  How can you continue to be happy and it’s really about embracing you and what you have to offer, what it is that is you and not having any fear to show that.  And that’s where you can really be happy every day.

For me, the overlying answer for that is for people to express their creativity.  And that’s why I do what I do, that’s why I teach classes.  That’s why I’m an artist. Because without that I don’t think I’d be a happy person and trying to give that gift to my kids and to people.  If somebody shows me something that they’ve created, I’m not gonna say I like it or I don’t, because that’s not up to me.  If they’re showing me something that they created or a project or a creative project, that is an expression of somebody so I don’t believe I can tell you ‘oh that’s good or that’s bad’ because that expression is beautiful.  Whether I value the aesthetic or not, is a totally different story, so I’m trying to get people to go back to themselves and using creativity to express that.

I could say that happiest moment was then I got married, but then I had kids, then you get a house, so there’s all these monumental things happen, and you think oh, that was supposed to happen, but how do you propel your life forward?

I do think that gratefulness is a huge part of being present, and appreciating what you have, but also being open for positive things to happen in your life.  So, gratefulness, creativity are ways that you can be happy every day.

And you’re going to have shitty days,  but if you can have these tools, you can look at it like, okay that happened, how it that a blessing to me. How does that one thing that I didn’t want to happen, but happened, or these things that have been happening, how is this a blessing wrapped in sandpaper.  How is that something that happened to me bringing me to the spot where I am now.

So really bad shit happens, but it is actually good.”



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