A City Pays it Forward

For Random Acts of Kindness Day, we are happy to share our official video for our City-Wide Pay it Forward coffee chain on Feb 4.

On this day, a Madison, Wisconsin we wanted to initiate not just a ripple of kindness, but a tidal wave of kindness in the community.

There were 10 participating coffee shops. Over 1,000 people bought coffee for a stranger in this awesome day (and only half the coffee shops were counting people!)

Big thanks to Grant Brooks at Momentum Medium for shooting it!

Shared words:

“ Thanks for reminding us that even these small acts can make both us and others feel good.”

“Just wanted to share that several friends not involved in the event have reported getting their coffee paid for by the person ahead of them over the weekend and into today, and I think it’s totally due to this still! It’s put the idea in people’s minds. Fun to see how far these things can spread”

“ What I loved about today was the anonymity. The generosity of the stranger ahead of me. Not knowing the one behind me, and his response. How often do we do kind things for strangers without any expectation of anything, even a thank you in return? Not enough.”

“ I think I’ll be smiling all day from these tiny acts of kindness or secret missions that people are doing all over Madison today. In drive thru coffee shops not only order your coffee but buy the one for the person behind you. I just bought a coffee for the lady waiting behind me and while we were waiting for our orders to come out, she hopped out of her car and expressed how thankful she was and that no ones ever done that for her before. Spread happiness.”

❤ Thank you Madison Community Discourse for creating this amazingly simple and moving event.”

“ So far, so good! Just came from MOKA on E Wash. My coffee drink was paid for (thank you to the gentleman in front of me!) and of course I paid forward.”

“ I am not in Madison, but I just did a pay it forward parking payment. Not sure the reaction, but I felt good about it. Here’s to paying it forward!!

“Paid for the car behind me in line at Starbucks Gammon Place. It felt good!#mcdhappiness #payitforward