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“The happiest moment of my life was realizing that life can go on after loss.  So, at a very young age I lost my brother to suicide.  And he was just weeks away from his 21st birthday and I was 24.  Just after finding that out, I turned around and saw the person that is now my husband, standing, waiting there for me out of nowhere.  He was there, and he was there to support me.

Normally that would be a very traumatic time for someone, but I was able to take the love and support that I could and ran with it.  From there, we started a relationship, and now a family.  You never know where life will take you, so you have to embrace all of life’s adventures.”

Madison Community Discourse is a community arts nonprofit in Madison, WI.  We are studying happiness throughout the community to connect our city through experience. We do this through interviews, events, and creative placemaking explorations.

To connect people through experience, we are interviewing 200 people all over Madison to create a ‘portrait’ of happiness.  If you are interested in being interviewed, please email

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